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We want to thank Peter Herrett, a Nabataea.net reader who submitted nine of the following pictures to us. Peter visit the Helat Ammar area of northern Saudi Arabia and sent us these pictures.

Right: While it has been reported that these railway lines had been torn up long ago, they are indeed still intact.

Below left and right: The Turkish fort beside the Helat Ammar station. Note the similarities between this fort and other Turkish forts, such as the one at Aqaba.

Below Left: The station as seen from the fort. Unfortunately, Peter was unable to take further pictures, as an ancient gentleman with a rifle showed up and described himself as a National Guard reserve. He informed the visitors that they had to leave as this was a military area. Peter told us "I guess nobody had informed him that WW1 was over some time ago!"

Below right, and so on... pictures of blown up locomotives and carriages, with Peter Herrett giving us an idea of the size of the locomotives.

Pictures by Peter Herrett - Sand on the tracks

Pictures by Peter Herrett - Trees

Pictures by Peter Herrett - Old Fort

Pictures by Peter Herrett Water Tower

Pictures by Peter Herrett - Locomotive on its site

Peter Herrett by locomotive

Peter Herrett beside locomotive

Belgian railwar at Al Ula station Pictures by Peter Herrett

Rusted parts near Medina Pictures by Peter Herrett
 Below: A Belgian rail car at Al Ula train station  Below: A rusted steam engine north of Medina in Saudi Arabia
Belgian Rail car near El Ula Pictures by Peter Herrett Rusted out locomotive near Medina Pictures by Peter Herrett
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