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Some of the Fish found in Nabataea







 The number of fish found in the Nabataea region is astounding. The Red Sea on the south is rich with coral reefs. The Mediterranean Sea has abundant fish, and the Sea of Galilee also has fish as do many rivers and streams. We hope to to eventually have many photos of fish from these various locations.

Mediteranian Fisherman

Throwing their nets

Even today, local fishermen fish from the shore with nets that they throw.

Above: Huge schools of "Orange Barbers' form on the reefs of the Red Sea. They feed on plankton during the day and hide at night.
Above: When frightened Barbers hide in the branches of the coral, sometimes between the long spines of the sea-urchins.
Above: A blue angel fish.
Above: Lion fish swim slowly near holes in the reef. They are common in areas sheltered from waves. They swallow small fish with one gulp. Their 13 rays are poisonous and their sting is very painful, similar to a cobra's. Fortunately the venom is sensitive to hot water.


Above: The masked butterfly fish lives in pairs or small groups feeding on polyps. They are found in the south Red Sea where the water is warmer.


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