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Originally titled "The Land of Eden Located" 1964
by David J. Gibson

David J. Gibson spent many years searching for the Garden of Eden. As a Bible believing Christian he was convinced that Eden was an actual place, and that the Bible provides us clues as to its location. David's search for Eden was cut short in 1964 by his untimely death. However, before he died David was able to complete the initial draft manuscript of a book titled. "The Land of Eden Located."

David's son, Dan Gibson spent many years living in the Middle East and researching the history of the ancient Nabataean civilization. In 2003 Dan decided to scan his father's book onto the computer, typeset it and add the graphics to the appropriate places. He then edited a number of places where small corrections needed to be made, or where updated information is now available, (including the use of satellite images.) Now this updated manuscript is available on the internet for all to read. We trust you will enjoy this book and the years of research that went into it.

 Chapter One  A Few Leading Clues
 Chapter Two  The Rivers Euphrates and Hiddekel
 Chapter Three  The River Pison
 Chapter Four  The River Gihon
 Chapter Five  The Changing River Courses
 Chapter Six  Eden in Relation to Geology
 Chapter Seven  Eden and Biblical Chronology
 Chapter Eight  Cain's City of Enoch
 Appendix A  Are the names in Genesis 2 Postdiluvial?
 Appendix B  Maps, sketches, notes and links

 David J. Gibson
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