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Documentary Film based on Gibson's book: Qur'anic Geography


The Sacred City from Glasshouse Media on Vimeo.

PETRA: Climbing to the top of the Deir
Yes, those are people sitting on the top of the Deir monument! This used to be a favorite activity until it was suddenly stopped. We've heard rumors from local Arabs, that some Germans jumped off the top of the Deir in the year 2000, but haven't been able to substantiate anything. If you know anything, please contact us.

People on the top of the deir

.The path to the Deir

Above: On the way to the Deir you must pass under this rock that has fallen across the path.

Right: Dr. George Kelsey, who donated many of these pictures for us to see.

Standing onthe top

Hanging from the top

Above: OK, John made it to the top and has climbed up the middle. Can you see him in the shadow? He's hundreds of feet above the ground. Let's hope he doesn't slip!

Group at the top

Hanging from the Deir

Above: There is always someone crazy enough to try and hang from the top of the monument! Right: There is a way to the top from the back side of the monument. However, today there is usually a soldier posted there to discourage you.

Deir from the Mountain 
Right: Anyone remember to bring up the picnic lunches?
Below: It's a long ways down to the ground!Person in the door

Looking over the edge

Resting at the top The Urn at the Top

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