Documentary Film based on Gibson's book: Qur'anic Geography


The Sacred City from Glasshouse Media on Vimeo.

Now you can become a Nabataean caravan merchant! Can you make your forutne buying and selling in Ancient Arabia? Watch out for theives! Avoid the dangers of the desert! Build a barraks and temple to aid your caravans. Trade in frankinsence and jewelry. Buy camels to make new caravans. Avoid invading armies. But becareful. If you cannot fight them, you will have to pay them off. And that could cost you a forturne. Race other Nabataean traders who also want to become the most powerful merchants in Petra! Beat them all, and build the Treasury monument!

Below: The famed Treasury monument in Petra is at the end of a crack in the mountain that is over a kilometer long! Will you be the Nabataean merchant to build it?


Siq and Treasury

Below: The Caravans playing board (11 x 24 inches)

 Caravans Game Board

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