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 Bandits and Thieves



These mountain passes would make a good place for thieves to hide and attack us.Our camels are loaded too heavy to run away. We will have to stand and fight if we are attacked.
Mountain Pass

As we pass through the mountains everything becomes quiet. Our men grip their swords and bows. We have only a few camels with mounted warriors. Will they be enough if we are attacked?

2 riders  Suddenly the bandits come rushing out! They have two riders on each camel! Quickly we bunch our cargo camels against a mountain wall and take up our defense.

Our men are well trained in defending the caravan.They fight back with arrows. Our mounted warriors swing into action. Because we are such a large camel caravan, and because all of our men are skilled in fighting the warriors soon retreat.  one rider on a camel

The bandits have chosen a poor place to attack us. Because we were in the mountains, we could position ourselves so that the mountains protected our back and sides. That way the bandits had to attack the whole camel caravan, and every one of our men was armed with a bow and arrows. If they had chosen to attack us in the open desert, they might have managed to separate some camels from the rest of the caravan and driven them off. In this case, the mountains helped us.


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