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Were you thinking ... ?





 hamburger and fries

burger and fries




hot dog



soda pop

Hey, wadya think? Food grows in refrigerators? Have we got news for you...


This camel caravan runs on:


raisens and figs

 Raisins and dried figs









dried meat


Dried meat


You will also need to have some sun block

The ancient Nabataeans didn't have fancy modern sunblock in squeeze plastic bottles. So they used a very ancient kind.. it was called: "clothing."

Their clothing was excellent for this.. it blocked out the sun, and it allowed a cool breeze to flow up around the body. White for the summer, black for the winter, (to keep the wearer warm). Here is what you will need:

Head gear called a kafiya to keep the sun off your head.




A knife might come in handy. Especially if we meet any bandits. It might also come in handy to butcher some fresh meat.



Arab outfit

The long white robe will help keep the sun off your skin while allowing air to circulate around your body, keeping you cool.






 Don't forget the sandals! Most ancient people had feet so tough that they barely needed them!


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