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 Flaming Torch

 Arriving Home


 Entrance to Petra
We arrive in Petra with our complete load! Everyone is elated. A feast is being prepared in our honor!

Man cooking food
We all look forward to a real change in diet. Instead of raisins, dates, and nuts, we will now have meat and rice, cooked in great pots over fires.
woman making bread  Bread is baked over metal domes over a hot fire.

It is all put together and and served on huge trays. (known today as 'mansef')
eating with our hands

We all wash our hands and gather around. Sorry, but we don't have spoons. You will have to stick your hand into the tray to get some food. A friend teaches you how to do it. Make sure you use your right hand! Take some of the thin bread on the bottom, and swish it around in the gravy. Then use it to pinch some rice and meat together and pop it into your mouth.

Make sure you wash your hands after you eat!

 Man playing the Oude

Now we can sit around and listen to music and tell stories of the caravan experience....




.... the end.


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