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 Flaming Torch

 Sand Storms

One of the reasons that the ship captains refused to sail up the Red Sea coast to the gulf of Aqaba is that sudden winds suddenly kick up. These can dash ships against a coral reef. If this happens then the cargo of the ship is lost! Those same winds, however, also cause us problems in the desert. They don't smash us against coral reefs, but they do cause sand storms. When a sand storm blows in we have to stop the caravan, and find a nice big camel to curl up behind and wait it out. Usually the sandstorms stop at night. Depending on our situation we will either wait until the next day, or if sandstorms are a continuous problem, we may choose to travel at night, and then try and sleep during the day while the sand lashes at us. You'd better find a nice big camel to curl up under!

Kneeling camels


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