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The Nabataeans

Builders of Petra


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Every year thousands of tourists visit the spectacular city of Petra, the ancient capital of the Nabataean Empire. Here massive monuments have been carved out of the ancient Jordanian mountains. Hundreds of magnificent tombs looked down on a city complete with colonnaded streets, coliseums, baths, temples, gardens and pools. Who were the people who carved this city into the red rose, sandstone mountains of Arabia? Why did they hide their city in a cleft in the rock? Why did they come here and why did they leave this spectacular site? Today archeologists and historians are piecing together the answers to these puzzling questions. And as the pieces slowly fall together, a picture is emerging of a fascinating people who traveled from China to Rome, building an empire of incredible wealth and opulence. Discover the fascinating story and mystery that surrounds this ancient people: 298 pages, 20 Illustrations and Maps. The Nabataeans. $ 18.69
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