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The northern tip of the Island. Bahrain has been called the Island of the dead, as it is almost entirely covered by some 100,000 burial mounds, both large and small, dating back to pre-history. Until recently it was thought that the pre-Islamic populations of the eastern coast of Arabia went there to bury their dead, and that no pre-historic city, temple or palace existed on the island, which is mostly desert.

Recent excavations have proved this to be incorrect, revealing the wall and houses of a town, a palace of unknown style and a sanctuary. It is now clear that Bahrain was the center of a vanished empire which extended into present-day Saudi Arabia, and to which the Sumerians referred in their texts as the realm of Dilmun, country of the rising sun, centre of earthly paradise, and the only region to survive the Flood.

The objects that have been dug up indicate the existence of commercial activity oriented towards both India and Mesopotamia. At one time subterranean canals piped spring water to irrigate the gardens.

The archeological workings at Bahrain are only in their initial stages. However, on the Arabian coast and on nearby islands traces of the same civilization have been uncovered some of them even older than those discovered at Bahrain.

The key sight which would enable a date to be set for the beginning of this culture unfortunately cannot be excavated for it is located at the women's bathing place, making it strictly out of bounds according to Arabian custom. One the surface, shards of pottery, flint implements and obsidian blades date from around 4000 BC. At present it is one of the oldest-known civilizations in the world.

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