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Documentary Film based on Gibson's book: Qur'anic Geography


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Arriving at Petra
The Walk Into Petra
The Siq
The Small Siq
Street of Facades
Water Works
The Theater
The Royal Tombs
High Place
Colonnade Street
Great Temple
Temple of Al Uzza
Temple of Dushares
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Al Habis
Um Al-Biera
Jebal Haroun
City of Board Games
Snake Monument
Sabara Suburb
City Walls/Map
Al Beidha
Al Beidha Village
Kubtha High Place
Wadi Nmeir 
Small Delights
The Bedul
Petra Today 
Petra Park
Is Petra the
Holy City of Islam?



Arriving in Petra


Petra is located in the country of Jordan in the Middle East. Tourist visas are easy to obtain, and travel to Jordan is usually quite cheap. Once you get to Jordan, local tranport is usually very cheaply priced and most people speak English, or know someone who does. The Jordanian Dinar is worth about $1.40 American. Most exchange places use the smae rate and chaning money is quite easy and risk free.

Jordan is a Muslim country, so in rural places, conservative dress is appreciated: long sleeves and trousers for both men and women. West Amman is very modern, but there are other areas of Amman and Jordan with very conservative Muslim cultures. Please don't embarrass the local people by showing "too much skin." You can wear your bathing suits and shorts at the beach or the hotel pool without any difficulty.

Travel to Petra
The ancient city of Petra is located near the Jordanian village of Wadi Musa. If you are driving, simply get on the Desert Highway from Amman (generally going south from 7th or 8th circle on Jebal Amman). This is a divided highway, or autostrad. Drive south and follow the signs. The main access road is under construction, so everyone is using a road going west from Ma'an. Generally, you are going to the town of Wadi Musa. If you are going by bus, take the JETT Bus. The JETT bus company runs an excellent daily service between Petra and Amman. They have air conditioned, clean buses, and a great service. Any taxi driver in Amman can take you to their office. If you want to take local transport, then follow these instructions. (They work, I've done it many times.) Take a taxi to Mujema Al Janoub, or the South Bus Station. From this station there are both small buses and Service taxi's going to Wadi Musa. The bus is cheaper, the Service Taxi is faster. In a service you pay per seat. Most Services take 5-6 passengers. Public transport leaves the bus station when they are full, not according to any schedule.
Wadi Musa
The town of Wadi Musa has sprung up around the entrance to Petra. It has a very wide variety of hotels, restaurant, and other services, as well as a local market. You can find everything from five star comfort to places servicing back-packers.
The Resthouse
The first placeyou come to is the government RestHouse. This is a misleading title. At one time it was a restaraunt where you could rest. But when you first arrive, you don't need to rest. I suggest doing things in this order:


Petra visitors center

1. Arrive early. 8:30 - 9:00 am is best. Afternoons are the pits, as the Siq and Treasury monument will be in deep shaddow.

Next: Go to the bathroom! It's a long ways to the next one! Petra has nice clean bathrooms! That's important to some of us. There are bathrooms in the resthouse, in the center of Petra across from the Colosseum, and also at the restaurant/museum at the very center of Petra.

 Getting a guide 2. Go to the inside desk and arrange for a map or tour guide if you want one.


Paying money
3. Go to the outside window, and pay your entrance fee. (Prices vary according to how long you are staying, if you are a student (with a valid student card) or child or adult, or if you are a Jordanian citizen or if you have a Jordanian Residence Permit.
 More tourist shops  4. Next, check out the shops, stock up on lots of film, sun block, hats, and drinks. You can change money, buy coffee, books, shirts, and tons of other stuff, but it might be a good idea to hold off on the souveniers until you return. After all, you are going to be doing a lot of walking!


Jeff's Bookshop
Near the guest house are several souvenir shops with a wide variety of souvenirs and gifts. Check out Jeff's Bookshop for books and other items that are produced and sold through
Special Events
Candle light walk through the suq (Usually Thursday nights if enough people are interested) footer with menus