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The Amazing Ancients

Book Cover Discover more about the amazing Nabataean Empire in Dan Gibson's latest book: The Nabataeans, Builders of Petra

In our article The Flat Earth Myth, we discuss five points raised by Jeffery Burton Russell in his book, Inventing the Flat Earth (1991). His last point emphasizes that cultural myths have a life of their own and often reinforce each other. The Flat Earth Myth has been entangled with other erroneous ideas, such as the Dark Age of Europe, and the opposition of religion to science and so on. Cultural myths often conceal a deeper agenda. Russell suggests that advocates of the Flat Error as he calls it, may be struggling with deeper issues. They often believe the cultural myth that our generation is superior to those that have gone before. This myth is based on the belief that progress gives meaning to life. Facing up to the implication that the ancients may have been quite advanced in many areas challenges their entire world view. While we may have advanced in many technological ways, perhaps we aren't so different from those that have gone before us.

In the web pages of we have explored some aspects of the ancient world that surprise many people. These include things like:

  • The ancient maritime trade routes that connected Rome with China
  • Possible Nabataean travel to South America
  • Ancient Arab Sailing and Navigation
  • The Arab Wall
  • Below we have listed a number of web pages that provide additional information about how advanced the ancient people really were.

    Ancient Battery
    Were there really ancient batteries that date back to 248 BC to 226 AD? Many believe these small pots were batteries, but others remain skeptical.
    Ancient Flying Machines
    Would you believe that models of airplanes have been found in ancient tombs?
    Antikythera Mechanism
    Was this a device for navigation?
    Time Upside Down
    Odd things that have been found in wrong places around the world.
    The Catalan Atlas
    Dated at 1375 this Atlas demonstrates the portolan maps that suddenly became available.
    Celtic Crosses
    Discover an ancient method of navigation.
    Sparky's Astounding Ancients
    A collection of wierd and wonderful, and sometimes fanciful explanations. or our redirect

    The Amazing Ancients The Voynich Question
    Mystery Rock  Voynich: Introduction to the Voynich Manuscript
    The Flat Earth Myth Voynich:  Physical Composition of the Manuscript
    Megaliths Voynich: History of the Voynich Manuscript
    Stonehenge Voynich:  The Layout of the Manuscript
    Atlantis Voynich: The Text, Language and Illustrations
    Ancient Time Piece Voynich: A Possible Middle Eastern Connection
    Bahrain Who Discovered the New World?
    Zimbawe Saharah Desert's Changing Climate
    Ancient Pueblo Dwellers  
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