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 Maps of the Middle East, Nabataea, & Arabia

Over the centuries mapmakers have tried to map the Middle East and the interior of Arabia. Here at we are trying to collect some of these maps to use in our research. If you have any information about any other maps that may be available for us to use, please contact us.

Year Depicted

Name of Map

 2500 BC  General Map Ancient Near East Early settlements after the flood
 2000 BC  Mediterranean Early settlements after the flood
 2000 BC  Canaan  The Land of Canaan before Abraham
 1900 BC  Canaan (Patriarchal)  Canaan during the life of Abraham
1750 BC   Egypt  Ancient Egypt
 1600 BC  Sinai  Sinai during the Wandering in the Wilderness
 1500 BC  Twelve Tribes The Land Allotted to the Twelve Tribes of Israel
 1100 BC  Kingdoms of David and Solomon  The Kingdoms of David and Solomon (Israel)
 1000 BC  Split Kingdoms in Israel  The Kingdoms of Judah and Israel
 1000 BC  Split Kingdoms, Map 2  The Kingdoms of Judah and Israel
 900 BC  Assyrian Empire  Assyrian Empire
 300 BC  Edom  The land of Edom, in pre-Nabataean times.
 250 BC - 250 AD  Maritime Sea Route  The ancient Maritime route between Alexandria and China
 250 BC - 250 AD  Arabian Sea Trade  Trade between Alexandria and India
 250 BC - 250 AD  Bay of Bengal Trade  Trade between India and China
 250 BC - 250 AD  South China Sea Trade  Trade on the South China Sea
 250 BC - 250 AD  India Sea Trade  Trade along the coast of India and Shri Lanka
 250 BC - 250 AD  Palk Strait  The location of Palk Strait
 250 BC - 250 AD  Arabian Trade Routes  Land and Sea Trade Routes in Arabia
 250 BC - 250 AD Wadi Sirhan Route   Proposed Trade Route between Wadi Sirhan and Petra
250 BC - 250 AD  Italy  Nabataean sites in Italy
 250 BC - 250 AD  Rhodes  The location of Rhodes Island in the Mediterranean
 250 BC - 250 AD  Turkey  Nabataean artifacts found near Adana
 100 BC - 100 AD   Nabataea  The inner part of the Nabataean Kingdom 100 BC - 100 AD
 100 BC - 100 AD  City of Petra The location of many of the main monuments in Petra
 100 BC - 100 AD The Negev  The Negev during the Nabataean Empire
 100 BC  Arabs in Arabia  The Arabs of Ancient Arabia
 100 BC - 200 AD  The Roman Near East  The Roman Occupation of the Middle East
527 AD Madaba Map The Madaba Map was found in 1884 in an old Byzantine church, now named The Church of the Map. The map is dated to the sixth century, during the time of Emperor Justinian (527 - 565).
1478 AD Ptolamaeus A 25 x 46 copper-plate engraving by Claudius Ptolemaeus
1513 AD  Piri Re'is Map Piri Re'is Map of 1513 contains accurate mapping of the coastline of the Americas, and amazingly enough, a portion of Antarctica
1516 AD Carta Marina A world map by Martin Waldseemuller, carved in wood.
 1728 AD  Jihan-numa  Drawn by Ibrahim Mutefarriqa and used by Katib Chelebi's book Juhan-numa.
 1914 AD  Hejaz Stations  Railway Stations on the Ottoman Empire's Hejaz Railway
 2004 AD  Elevation Map  Color map showing various elevations in the Middle East
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