According to Osman Levend, the “Bughaz” (i.e. a Defile) station was a nickname given by Turkish conscripts stationed at this site. The official name was “Ahzar” or “al Akhdhar” according to the lists provided by the 1910 Year Book of the Ottoman State (i.e. Sâl Nâme). It should be noted that there were two buildings in the area, namely a station at present day “al Akhdhar” and a feeder station (to supply water to railway engines) few km south of the station. The feeder station was designated as “Ahzar Alimantasyon’u”, derived from the French word “Alimentation” (i.e. feeding) as can clearly be seen in the first pictures while the black and white photo shows us the station proper.

Thank you Osman for doing some great research.

These pictures were supplied by Gerhard Henrich. For more great pictures of the Hejaz Railway, please see Gerhard’s site:

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