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ENGLISH - The Sacred City:

The Sacred City presents compelling evidence that suggests the holy city of Mecca is in the wrong location & the worlds 1.6 billion Muslims are praying in the direction of the wrong city. …

Archaeology and Islam #01 - Petra Mosques:

Click below to watch the video Archeology and Islam #1 The Petra Mosques. Mosques from the first century of Islam pointed to Petra Transcript Video #1 This is a general transcript of a Dan …

Talking with Dan Gibson #01 Introduction:

Video Series: Talking with Dan Gibson This video addresses the question: Who is Dan Gibson. It introduces his background, and a bit about why he is making these videos.

The Sacred City - in multiple languages:

(21 articles) This 90 minute full-feature documentary film explores the founding of Islam. (2016) Dan Gibson introduces new discoveries about the origins of Islam. This film is available in over twenty languages …

Q&A #02 What About Medina?:

Click below to watch video If Petra was the original Holy City of Islam, then what about the city of Medina? Was it also in a different Place? Dan Gibson traces out the history of Medina and the …

Talking with Dan Gibson #02 The Nabataeans, Builders of Petra:

Series: Talking with Dan Gibson: A review of Dan Gibson’s book: The Nabataeans, Builders of Petra. This is a look at the Arab merchant empire in Arabia before the time of Muhammad, who was …

ALBANIAN - QYTETI I SHENJTË Arabisht me titra shqip :

Sacred City - Arabic with Albanian subtitles QYTETI I SHENJTË Zbulimi i vendlindjes së vërtetë të Islamit. Një film dokumentar 90 minutësh. Arabisht me titra shqip. Direct Download: You may down …

Qibla Story:

(7 articles) This series of seven videos by Dan Gibson tells the story of the Islamic Qibla, or direction of prayer. The Qibla Story - Intro - Why did the first Qibla face Petra? The Between Qiblas - What and why …

Talking with Dan Gibson #03 Qur'anic Geography:

Dan Gibson discusses his book: Qur’anic Geography, published in 2011

AMHARIC - The Sacred City:

ቅድስቲቱ ከተማ - አማርኛ - የ 85 ደቂቃ ዘጋቢ ፊልም። የአዘጋጁ መብት በሕግ የተጠበቀ ነው። ይዘቱ እስካልተለወጠ ድረስ ኮፒ ማድረግና ማሰራጨት የተፈቀደ ነው። The Sacred City - Amharic - Please do not change the contents of this film. It is copyrighted. …

03 Petra Facing Mosques:

Dan Gibson examines early Islamic mosques from the first three centuries of Islam, focusing on mosques that faced ancient Petra in Jordan. The very earliest mosques were oriented in this direction.

Questions and Answers:

(22 articles) Dan Gibson answers questions from viewers related to Archeology and Islam.

Talking with Dan Gibson #04 Early Islamic Qiblas:

Dan Gibson introduces his book: Early Islamic Qiblas, and explains what is in the book.

ARABIC - المدينة المقدسة :

The Sacred City - In Arabic - 85 minutes - Documentary film Please do not change the content of this film. But it can be copied and re-posted without any changes. Direct Download: You may down this …

Talking with Dan Gibson #05 Patreon:

Who pays for these videos? You can now support them by giving a monthly amount through Patreon. If you like these videos then please consider giving. Even one dollar a month is helpful. If we can hire …

Talking with Dan Gibson Series:

(27 articles) Dan Gibson introduces the books he has written, speaks about himself, his research, updates on his activities, finances and Patreon, and the Qibla Tool. This series of videos also includes interviews …

BENGALI - সেই পবিত্র শহর :

সেই পবিত্র শহর” হল ইসলাম প্রতিষ্ঠা বিষয়ক একটি প্রামাণ্যচিত্র। ফিল্মটি দেখতে বা ডাউনলোড করতে ক্লিক করুন: The Sacred City (in Bangla language) Please do not change the contents of this film. It …

Biblical Studies:

(4 articles) Videos that focus on Biblical topics. Biblical History, Questions and Answers, Theology, Discipleship, Systematic Studies through various books of the Bible, Spiritual Growth topics, and more.

Talking with Dan Gibson #06 The Qibla Tool:

Learn how you can examine all of the Islamic mosques from the first 200 years of Islam. This new tool is being updated as new discoveries are being made. Published on Nov 24, 2018

07 How Accurately Could Early Muslims Determine the Qibla?:

Chapter 7 by Dr. Walter R. Schumm 5 February 2020 Abstract: Debate has arisen over the ability of Muslim architects in the first two centuries of Islam to determine true qiblas accurately. Some …

Q&A #07 The Rahat Mosque:

Click below to view the video Are media reports true that say the Rahat mosque is perhaps the oldest mosque in the world? Dan Gibson demonstrates that the Rahat mosque is not the oldest in the …

CHINESE - 神聖之城 :

一部85分鐘的紀錄片。 有關伊斯蘭教成立的新發現。The Sacred City An 85 minute documentary film. New discoveries about the founding of Islam. French with Chinese Subtitles 伊斯蘭教聖地起源-新發現-佩特拉 Direct Download: You may down this …

Talking with Dan Gibson #08 Dr Radsikowski Interview:

Dan Gibson interviews Dr. Radsikowski on the probability of mosques facing Petra by chance. Dr. Radsikowski is a mathematician and physicist, graduate of Princeton University.

CHITTAGONG - পবিত্র শর:

পবিত্র শর পবিত্র শর: ইসলাম আর কিবলা লই চিটাইংগা ভাষাত ৮৫ মিনিটর উগ্গ তইত্তচিত্র। ফেট্রা কি ইসলামর ফইলা পবিত্র শর আছিল না? Direct Download: You may down this video directly for your personal use, …

Talking with Dan Gibson #09 Unpacking the Petra Scrolls:

Dan Gibson receives a large box, with the five book series The Petra Scrolls, published by ACOR. He unpacks it and talks about checking it out. Filmed in spring 2019. See the next video under …

Q&A #09 Was Adam a Muslim?:

Click below to watch the video Several viewers have asked this question. Dan Gibson turns aside from his usual archeology study to address the issue of the existence of Islam before the prophet …

FARSI - فیلم مستند:

فیلم مستند 90 دقیقه ای موسیقی متن فیلم فارسی کشفیات جدید در مورد سالهای بنیادین اسلام. دوبله فارسی Direct Download: You may down this video directly for your personal use, showing to audiences, and …

Talking with Dan Gibson #10 Education and Summer 2019:

Talking With Dan Gibson # 10 Many people have asked about my education. Here I answer why I do not list my academic qualifications. I plan to take a break during the summer of 2019. I will still be …

FRENCH - La ville sacrée:

A la decouverte du lieu de naissance reel de I’Islam Gratuit pour copier, afficher, publier en ligne, mais ne pas modifier ou modifier le contenu. Direct Download: You may down this video …

The Qibla Story # 1 Introducton:

Part 1/7 What is a Qibla? Where did the first mosques of Islam face? Transcript Hello. I’m Dan Gibson and this is the first video in a short series about the Qibla. I thought I would go …

HINDI पवित्र शहर:

पवित्र शहर। 90 मिनट की डॉक्यूमेंट्री फिल्म। इस्लाम की स्थापना के बारे में नई खोजों A 90 minute documentary film on the founding of Islam. Dubbed into Hindi.

Talking with Dan Gibson #11 I’m Back, Oct 2019 :

Dan Gibson returns after the summer of 2019. The plan is there will be new content this fall, with a new video each week.

King vs Gibson - Qibla Dilemma EP.1:

Talking with Dan Gibson #12 Bridge Interview:

Interview by Bridge TV channel

INDONESIAN - The Sacred City :

The Sacred City - A 90 minute documentary film on the founding of Islam - Dubbed into Indonesian Coming Soon

Unpacking the Controversy - Qibla Dilemma EP. 2:

Not 100 Qiblas, but 4 - Qibla Controversy EP.3:

Talking with Dan Gibson #13 The Christmas Story, as I see it. :

Dan Gibson shares his views of the Christmas Story. December 2019

KOREAN - The Sacred City 제목:

제목: 신성한 도시 이슬람 태동에 대한 다큐멘터리 - 90분 이슬람 태동의 도시 페트라? The Sacred City - English with Korean Subtitles

RUSSIAN - The Sacred City:

The Sacred City documentary film - In RUSSIAN language, 85 minutes. About the founding of Islam Direct Download: You may down this video directly for your personal use, showing to audiences, and …

14 The Religion of Abraham:

Chapter 14 Chad Doell & Dan Gibson May 2022 Abstract There is a term in Islam which was a fundamental part of the religion in its dawning years, and which is seldom used today— Ḥanīfiyyah. The …

Talking with Dan Gibson #14 Carlos Interview :

Dan Gibson is interviewed by Patreon supporter Carlos. If you are a substancial Patreon supporter, you too can appear in a video with Dan Gibson.

King's Wrong, early Arabs weren't DUMB! - Qibla Controversy EP.4:

Q&A #15 Where was Becca:

Click below to view video Most Christians assume that Becca was somewhere close to Jerusalem, as the Bible speaks of pilgrimage, and the only pilgrimage they think of was to Jerusalem. However, …

No Solstices or Equinoxes, just a ‘Kamal’ wooden block - Qibla Controversy EP.5:

Talking with Dan Gibson #15 Al Ma'idah Interview:

Dan Gibson is interviewed by the Al Ma’idah Initiative

TURKISH - Kutsal Şehir:

The Sacred City - Turkish dub - İslam ve Kibla hakkında 85 dakikalık bir belgesel film. Petra ve Mekke. An 85 minute documentary film on Islam and the Qibla. Petra and Mecca. Direct Download: You …

Urdu مقدس شہر:

ڈین گبسن کی طرف سے ایک 90 منٹ کی دستاویزی فلم. اسلام کے بانی سال کے بارے میں ۔ The Sacred City - dubbed into URDU.

Talking with Dan Gibson #16 Hatun Tash Interview 1:

Dan Gibson is interviewed by Hatun Tash

Who wants “more or less”, when you can have “EXACT" - Qibla Controversy EP.7:

Talking with Dan Gibson #17 Hatun Tash Interview 2:

Dan Gibson’s second live interview with Hatus Tash

18 Comparing the Theories of David King and Dan Gibson Statistically:

Chapter 18 By Dr. Walter R. Schumm and Zvi Goldstein Abstract Dan Gibson has argued that the first holy city of Islam was Petra. David King has disputed Gibson’s conclusions. Using data from Gibson’s …

Talking with Dan Gibson #18 Bob the Builder Interview:

Dan Gibson is interviewed live by Bob The Builder

Q&A #19 Approaches to Islam:

Fred Donner described four approaches to early Islamic history. Which one does Dan Gibson feel fits himself best? Transcript Which Approach to Islam? Hello, I am Dan Gibson, and in this video we are …

Talking with Dan Gibson #20 Introducing Nabataea.net:

Dan Gibson has totally reworked the old nabataea.net website. It now contains all his videos in a cinema, plus other interesting videos that he has chosen. Every page allows for comments and …

Q&A #21 The Hadiths:

Dan Gibson explains his view of hadith, and why he uses them in his research. Transcript Are the Hadiths Trustworthy or even Useful? Hello, I am Dan Gibson, and this is another video in the series …

Talking with Dan Gibson #21 Interview: Cross and Crescent Discussion Group:

On August 30th, 2020 The Cross and the Crescent Discussion Group interviewed Dan Gibson. The original can be seen on their website:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AYAcN…The quality of this …

Talking with Dan Gibson #24 Indonesian Interview:

An Interview with Dan Gibson, translated live into Indonesia

Talking with Dan Gibson #25 Repository:

Dan Gibson’s database is now available in an academic repository for others to access. The online graphical Qibla Tool can be found at:https://nabataea.net/explore/founding…​. The …

Talking with Dan Gibson #27 Petra Context: Qur’an 16:103:

Dan Gibson explains how a Petra context would affect the interpretation of Sura 16:102.

Resafa Syria:

Earliest Mecca facing mosque found so far. Resafa is in northern Syria and the city where Caliph Hisham ruled from.