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WORM, A Novel

By Dan Gibson

This novel explores neural-networks, worm viruses, the dark net, and Artificial Intelligence. In fact, all the technologies mentioned in this book are in existence today, except for Douglas’ computer program. The interesting part is that right now scientists around the world are racing to be the first to write a computer program like Douglas accomplished in this novel. Dr. Douglas spent years developing a computer program to produce real, live artificial intelligence—not some clever chat-box giving responses based on collecting and arranging data. Originally Douglas’ program replaced the mind of a worm, but then he went looking for bigger and more powerful applications. In his ignorance, he not only created true artificial intelligence, but he unleashed a destructive force so powerful that it was bent on destroying Douglas’ friends. Discover a powerful force that reads your email, watches you on your webcam, and is capable of manipulating your life and everyone around you! 110,000 words.

A novel by Dan Gibson (2024)

A novel by Dan Gibson (2024)

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