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Table 1 Judah and Israel

A timeline from the Death of king Solomon to Sennacherib’s Invasion of Judah. This timeline demonstrates that all the dates in the Biblical Chronology fit together.

From the Death of Solomon to Sennacherib’s Invasion

a = first half of the year, b = last half of the year, c = about

Death of Solomon, king of Israel957
Rehoboam, at 41 years of age reigns over Judah for 17 years 957 Jeroboam I reigns over Israel for 22 years
Abijam or Abijah reigns for 3 years.
Asa's war with Jeroboam
940 Jeroboam's 18th year
Asa becomes co-regent with Abijam 937 Nadab becomes co-regent with Jeroboam, reigns 2 years
Asa's second year a.935 Death of Jeroboam, Nadab reigns
Asa's third year b. 935 Baasha seizes the throne, reigns for 24 years
Death of Abijam, Asa reigns 41 years 926
Birth of Jehoshaphat, Asa's son 922
Asa's 26h year from the beginning of his co-regency 911 Elah becomes co-rgent with Baasha
Asa has war with Baasha 902 Asa has war with Baasha
902 Death of Baasha, Elah reigns 2 years
Asa's 27th year of his sole regency b. 900 Zimri ceases throne, reigns 7 days
b.900 Omri takes Tirzah, reigns 12 years
Birth of Joram, Jehoshaphat's son 900 Omri and Tibni rival kings
Jehoshephat marries Athaliah, daughter of Omri c.898
Birth of Azariah, Jehoshaphat's son 897
Asa's 31st year of his sole regency 897
Asa's 31st year of his sole regency 896 Death of Tibni
894 Omri builds Samaria
889 Ahab becomes co-regent with Omri, reigns 22 years
Latter part of the 38th year of Asa'a sole regency 888 Death of Omri
Asa diseased in his feet in the 39th year of his sole regency. Jehoshaphat becomes co-regnet with Asa and reigns 25 years. 887
Death of Asa near the end of the 41st year of his sole regnecy; Jehoshaphat reignsm b.885 Ahab's 4thyear
Jehoram marries the daughter of Ahab c.883
Birth of Ahaziah, Jehoram's son 877
Jehoshaphat's 17th year of his sole regency b. 868 Ahaziah succeeds Ahab, reigns 2 years
Jehoram becomes co-regnet with Jehoshaphat 868
Jehoshaphat's 18th year of his sole recency
Jehoram's 2 year of his co-regency
867 Jehoram or Joram becomes co-regent with Ahaziah
866 Death of Ahaziah, Joram reigns 12 years
Jehoshaphat abdicates, Jehoram reigns 8 years 862 Joram's 5th year of sole regency
Ahaziah I, called also Jehoahaz I or Azariah I, son of Jehoram becomes co-regent with Jehoram 856 Joram's 11th year of his sole regency
Death of Jehoash, Ahaziah I's son
Birth of Jehoash, Ahaziah I's son
Ahaziah II, called also Azariah II, son of Jehoshaphat, becomes co-regent with Ahaziah I
855 Joram's 12 year of his sole regency
Ahaziah I and Ahaziah II are slain by Jehu
Athaliah, (queen) reigns 6 years
854 Joram is slain by Jehu who reigns 28 years
Jehoash (Joash) reigns 40 years 848 Jehu's 7h year
Birth of Amaziah, Jehoash's son 833
Jehoash's 23 year 826 Jehoaz reigns 17 years
Birth of Uzziah, Amaziah's son 816
Jehoash's 37th year 812 Jehbash or Joash becomes co-regent with Jehoahaz
809 Death of Jehoahaz, Joash reigns 16 years
Amaziah reigns 29 uears (early in calandar) 807 Joash's 2nd year of his sole regency
804 Jeroboam II becomes co-regent with Joash and reigns 41 years
Uzziah or Azariah III at 16 years of age is make king by the people and reigns 52 years. Amaziah flees to Lachish 800
Amaziah's 15th year 793 Death of Joash, Jeroboam II reigns
Birth of Jotham, Uzziah's son c.789
Death of Amaziah in Lachish, 15 years after the death of Joash, king of Israel, Uzziah reigns 778 Jeroboam's 27th year from begining of his co-regency
Jotham becomes co-regent with Uzziah (?)764
Uzziah's 38th year 763 Zachariah reigns 6 months
Uzziah's 39th year 762 Shallum reigns 1 month, Menahem reigns 10 years
Birth of Ahaz, Jotham's son 760
Uzziah's 50th year 751 Pekahiah reigns 2 years
Uzziah's 52 year Dec 749 Pekah reigns 20 years
Death of Uzziah, Jotham reigns 16 years 748 Pekah's second year
Ahaz or Jeho-ahaz II becomes co-regent with Jotham
Birth of Hezekiah, Ahaz's son
Death of Jotham, Ahaz reigns 16 years Nov 732 Pekah's 17th year
otham;s 20th year, reckonded from the begining of his sole recency (II Kings 15:30). Ahaz's 12th year, reckoned from the begining of his co-regency Jul-Aug
Hoshea reigns 9 years
Hezekiah becomes co-regent with Ahaz 726 Hoshea's 3 year
Hezekiah's 4th year 723 Hoshea's 5th year. Shalmaneser V begins the seige of Samaria. Lasts 3 years
Fifth Item 721 Hoshea's 9th year nearly completed. Sargon II takes the city.
Hezekiah's 6th year Second Column Item Third Column Item
Death of Ahaz, Hezekiah reigns 29 years May 715
Hezekiah's 14th year, Sennacharib of Assyria invades Judah, and comes into contact with Tirhakah the Ethiopean April 701

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