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The Stone Cutter by Brock Meier

A doomed quest of love and ambition, awash in the glories of the Nabataean Kingdom—

The young sculptor Nahor enters the fast-track of the art world in the spectacular Nabataean Kingdom of ancient Arabia (you know its capital as the fabulous city of Petra). But his secrets of implication in the deaths of his sister and mother, and his father’s abandonment, leave a dark chasm in the flint of his heart.

His ache for belonging entangles him in the arms of a brilliant songstress, and a devastating injury deals the final blow to his ambitions. His quest to resurrect his ruined career takes him to the very ends of the earth, seeking theShamir—a mysterious, powerful object buried beneath centuries of myth.

The quest’s price?…more than he can possibly imagine.

Nahor’s loss of family, love, profession—and even his sanity—drives him to the very edge of humanity.

Join this man in his perilous adventure, and discover with him possibilities hidden within the darkestimpossibility.

“Brock Meier has done his research well.“—Dan Gibson, historian and author of “The Nabataeans, Builders of Petra”

The Stone Cutter

The Stone Cutter

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