Petra : A Print and Play Game

ISBN: 978-0-9880269-0-2

Copyright 2012 CanBooks

All Rights Reserved

Living in the ancient city of Petra, players buy, develop and sell property, attempting to become the most honorable citizen in the city. They send caravans, visit the Ptolomies, Jews, and Selucids, and build their own private business empires. But don’t get too big too fast, or the other players will haul you in front of the city council and take legal action against your properties. This is a Print and Play Game: You download the PDF file, print it out on your printer, cut out the pieces and then play. It works best if printed in color onto card-stock but it works just as well to print on paper in black & white. The game comes complete with a small book of Nabataean history, and a description and drawing of each of the properties in Petra. Why pay $60 or more for a quality board game when you can download this great game for FREE and print it on your printer? This is a 25 MB file so please allow plenty of time for it to download. This game has received high rating from many places including Mayfair Games.


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