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TRINITY: An Explanation:

For years Christians have struggled to give a clear explanation of the Trinity. However, this video does that, while at the same time refutes the idea that God could be a unitarian being. If God …

TRINITY: Explained by Dr. Ravi Zacharias:

Ravi’s explanation of the Tri-unity of GOD is amazing. It’s worth watching and reflecting upon! “Trinity” not found in Bible. Correct. But the concept is. Incarnation is not …


TRINITY: Undertanding God:


Son of Man:


Image of God:

The Holy Spirit:

Sin - Khata:

Sacrifice & Atonement:


The Law:

Gospel of The Kingdom:

1. Why the West Attracts Immigrants - Truth Matters - Vishal Mangalwadi:

Why the West Attracts Immigrants Ancient and medieval history belonged to the South and the East, but globalisation has meant westernisation. What enabled Europe to take the lead? And what are the …

2. The Woman Behind the West’s Economic Success - Truth Matters - Vishal Mangalwadi:

500 years ago, India was wealthier than Europe. What changed? Can we credit the West’s success to “guns, germs, and steel”? While these did play a role, we cannot overlook one woman’s role in changing …

3. How the West Harnessed Sexual Energy - Truth Matters - Vishal Mangalwadi:

Sex: a private matter very much in the public’s interest. According to Indian scholars, one of the West’s secrets was the harnessing of sexual energy to build stable families. Is monogamy an outdated …

4. The West’s Big Secret - Truth Matters - Vishal Mangalwadi:

1000 years ago, Islam was more advanced than the West in every respect. Then one idea changed everything: the concept of human dignity. Throughout history it has never been held as self-evident, so …

5. Democracy: Why It Finally Worked - Truth Matters - Vishal Mangalwadi:

How did the Reformation create the political movement that the Enlightenment later labelled Democracy? Everyone in Europe was a subject without a right to life or liberty. Where did the notion of …

6. The Opening of the Western Mind - Truth Matters - Vishal Mangalwadi:

Traditionally, the child of a fisherman, shepherd, or carpenter could not go to school in Europe. Did Atheism make the West a thinking civilization? Learn how education was taken from the elite and …

7. The Source of the Scientific Revolution - Truth Matters - Vishal Mangalwadi:

Why was modern science born in Europe in the 16th century? Was it atheism that fueled scientific thinking? How did logic actually prevent scientific progress?

8. Why Monks Created Technology - Truth Matters - Vishal Mangalwadi:

Why don’t Western women carry water on their heads like women in Africa and India? What prompted Christian monks to develop technology rather than beg like Buddhist monks?

9. Why is the West the Least Corrupt? - Truth Matters - Vishal Mangalwadi:

Corruption causes poverty. It is where wealth is transferred from the powerless to the powerful and is the norm globally. But a few countries seem to have integrity. Where does this character come …

10. Can Nations Be Reformed? - Truth Matters - Vishal Mangalwadi:

The Reformers would have agreed that religion is the opium of the masses, but faith in a living God results in hope. As a result corrupt, cruel and poor nations can be reformed. They can be freed from …

Good News - Restoring honour in front of God and people:

What the Bible says about being able to stand in front of God.

Q&A God, evil, evolution and other questions:

Question and Answer time. From the 2007 Ligonier National Conference with Ravi Zacharias, Albert Mohler, R.C. Sproul, moderated by John Duncan. Discover how followers of Jesus think about different …

What is God Really Like: Tawhid or Trinity? Dr. Shabir Ally and Dr. Nabeel Qureshi Debate:

What is God Really Like: Tawhid or Trinity? Join Dr. Nabeel Qureshi and Dr. Shabir Ally as they debate on “Who Is The Real God? Allah or the Trinity?” moderated by Ms. Julie Roys, host of …

Christians on Hajj: Visions of the Savior:

Muhammad in the Bible: Song of Solomon:

Does the name Muhammad appear in the Bible? Christians who know their Bibles have never seen it, but Zakr Naik says it is in the Hebrew Bible. The author of this video attempts to be humorous in …

Is the Bible Corrupted: First Response:

A discussion about why “different Bibles” exist.

Is the Bible Corrupted: Second Response (Featuring the Topkapi Manuscript):

Allah is NOT Forgiving, Merciful or Loving:

Does Allah forgive your sins, or must you pay for them?

Genocide in the Old Testament:

The Biblical answer to critics on the issue of genocide in the Old Testament.

Biblical Inspiration:

A recent questioner asked, is the Bible inspired by God? This video addresses some internal evidence from within the Biblical narratives.

A Discourse on Trinitarian Monotheism:

A brief clarification on the topic of the Trinity as it is presented in the Biblical texts.

The Quran and the Trinity:

The Quran is not sophisticated enough to argue against Trinitarian Monotheism.