Q&A #05 Why a Cube?:

Click below to watch the video What is the origin of the Ka’ba? Who was King Tubba? Why was a cube shape used for the Ka’ba? Why is the cube shape special in ancient Petra? Why is it …

Image of God:

Sin - Khata:

Sacrifice & Atonement:

Archaeology and Islam #13 - Pre-Islamic Worship:

Click below to view the video What were the attributes of the pre-Islamic Gods and did this have an impact on the attributes of God that Muhammad preached? Transcript Video #13 \*This is a …

Gospel of The Kingdom:

7. The Source of the Scientific Revolution - Truth Matters - Vishal Mangalwadi:

Why was modern science born in Europe in the 16th century? Was it atheism that fueled scientific thinking? How did logic actually prevent scientific progress?

PreIslamic Worship:

Video #13 \\*This is a general transcript of a Dan Gibson video in the series: Archeology and Islam.\\* [Pre-Islamic Worship …

Why a Cube?:

Q&A Video #33 This is a general transcript of a Dan Gibson video. Hello, I am Dan Gibson, and this is another Question and Answer Video. Today’s question has been asked by several people. …

Q&A God, evil, evolution and other questions:

Question and Answer time. From the 2007 Ligonier National Conference with Ravi Zacharias, Albert Mohler, R.C. Sproul, moderated by John Duncan. Discover how followers of Jesus think about different …

John Lennox: Has Science Buried God?:

Host Eric Metaxas and Oxford professor John Lennox explore the question, “Has science buried God?” – discussing the fine-tuned universe, evolution, logic, history, and more! …

Lennox vs Atkins - Can science explain everything?:

Christian Prof John Lennox and atheist Prof Peter Atkins debated science, faith and God in front of students at Southampton University on 31 Jan 2019.

Stephen Meyer: The Return of the God Hypothesis:

Eric Metaxas interviews Stephen C. Meyer about the ultimate mystery of the universe as drawn from recent scientific discoveries in physics, cosmology, and biology. The interview took place at the …

Allah is NOT Forgiving, Merciful or Loving:

Does Allah forgive your sins, or must you pay for them?

Biblical Inspiration:

A recent questioner asked, is the Bible inspired by God? This video addresses some internal evidence from within the Biblical narratives.

A Discourse on Trinitarian Monotheism:

A brief clarification on the topic of the Trinity as it is presented in the Biblical texts.

Trinity Explained 3 - Al Fadi - The Plurality of the Oneness:

Is the Ones of God absolute or does it have the sense of plurality? What does the Bible say about the Oneness of God? How is it presented in the scripture?

Trinity Explained 4 - Al Fadi - Members of the Godhead:

Who are the members of the Godhead? How are they revealed in the Old Testament and New Testament?