Al Fadi

King vs Gibson - Qibla Dilemma EP.1:

Unpacking the Controversy - Qibla Dilemma EP. 2:

Not 100 Qiblas, but 4 - Qibla Controversy EP.3:

King's Wrong, early Arabs weren't DUMB! - Qibla Controversy EP.4:

No Solstices or Equinoxes, just a ‘Kamal’ wooden block - Qibla Controversy EP.5:

Debunking King’s Theories on why early Qiblas are wrong - Qibla Controversy EP.6:

Who wants “more or less”, when you can have “EXACT" - Qibla Controversy EP.7:

If we don’t Cry out the Mosques will - Qibla Controversy Ep.8:

King hates anyone who disagrees with him - Qibla Controversy Ep.9:

King really hates Gibson! - Qibla Controversy Ep.10:

King and Islam have Thin Skins! - Qibla Controversy Ep.11:

Trinity Explained 1 - Al Fadi - Doctrine of the Trinity:

What does the Bible teach about the Trinity? Does the Bible teach the worship of One God or Three Gods? What is the Doctrine of the Trinity according to the Biblical teaching?

Trinity Explained 2 - Al Fadi - Three Gods or One?:

Does the Bible teach the worship of One God or Three Gods? Does the Old Testament and New Testament contradict or affirm each other regarding the nature of God?

Trinity Explained 3 - Al Fadi - The Plurality of the Oneness:

Is the Ones of God absolute or does it have the sense of plurality? What does the Bible say about the Oneness of God? How is it presented in the scripture?

Trinity Explained 4 - Al Fadi - Members of the Godhead:

Who are the members of the Godhead? How are they revealed in the Old Testament and New Testament?