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 Nabataean Graffiti

 Writing Chart (Arabic base)

The Multi-Alphabet Theory

Writing Charts (German, English) 

The Petra Scrolls


The Cave of Letters 

Nabataean Script

The Nabataean language is closely related to old Arabic. The Nabataean alphabet is related to Arabic, Aramaic, Hebrew, Kharosthi, Phoenician, Sabaean, Samaritan, South Arabian, and Syriac. (Follow the links above to various charts of what these scripts looked like.) It is quite commonly accepted that the Nabataean script was developed from Aramaic abjad during the 2nd century BC. Stone inscriptions in the Nabataean script have been found in the various Nabataean cities in the Negev, in Wadi Rumm, the city of Petra, and in Meda'in Saleh. During the 4th and 5th centuries AD, Nabataean script evolved into the Arabic alphabet. It is written from right to left in horizontal lines

Nabataean Script.
The chart above was borrowed from Check them out for more ancient writing systems.
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 Nabataean Graffiti   The Multi-Alphabet Theory
 Writing Chart (Arabic base)  Writing Charts (German, English) 
 The Petra Scrolls  The Cave of Letters 
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