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Wadi Mousa Crusader Castle



Toursits traveling to Little Petra outside of the famous city of Petra often drive right past an old Crusader Castle without even realizing it. This is one of the famous Three Castles, located in Petra in southern Jordan. Each of these castles is only a couple of kilometes from each other, and mark the south eastern side of the area that the crusaders held. The other two castles are: Habis Castle, and The High Place Castle. The main castle was known as Wueira. Today there is little more than an aspe left of the chapel. There is a faintly moulded cornice but no other sign of decoration. The stones used for the chapel construction seem smaller than is usual in Crusader buidings. It seems to have had a small narthex as well as a crypt.

Dan Gibson has noted that the Wadi Mousa Castle, or the Wueira Castle is mentioned in Islamic literature as being outside of the city of Mecca.

Ibn Hisham 56 states of Abu Amr: "He hates us so much that the hill-tops between Mecca's hills and the Syrian forts are too narrow to hold him." There are no Syrian Forts near Mecca. Indeed Petra is the most southern region that the Crusadrs and Syrian Christians built any forts. Notice in the photos below the narrow hills that surround this castle.

Note the ruined castle built on the narrow hills. The castle is built of lighter stone taken from the Petra mountains.

Above: Another fiew taken from farther away in a rainy day.

Above: The castle walls appear in the distance


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