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Special thanks to James Wong of Vancouver Canada who took the picture (below) of the treasury in February 2004. Click on the thumbnail below to see the entire picture.

PETRA: The Treasury


Left: As one comes to the end of the siq, the first, and greatest monument of Petra slowly comes into view. This is the famous Treasury monument. It is probably a good idea to stop here and take a picture. It is an unforgettable moment.

 full front

 Once you step out of the siq you are faced with the tremendous scale of this monument. Is is several stories high, and especially spectacular in the morning sunlight. Once you have adjusted to it's awe and beauty, have a look inside.

You can learn more about how the Treasury was restored by reading this article.

 from the door


This photograph was taken, standing in the main doorway of the treasury, looking back at the end of the siq.


The Treasury in Petra

Click on this picture to open the full size 1920 X 1200. You can use this on your wide screen monitor as wallpaper.

Thanks to Val Hansen,
South Shields, Tyne & Wear, England

 looking up  It is impossible to describe the feeling of standing at the foot of the treasury, looking up at some of the amazing carvings and sharp lines that have survived for all these years.

 the top
This monument is the most photographed building in Petra. We are still collecting unique photographs, images and angles. If you have a great photo that we can place on this page, please email us.
Pictures submitted by our readers


Click the picture on the left for a phenomenal view of the Treasury Special thanks to Chris Spiegl for this exceptional photograph. Taken March 2001

Click the picture on the right for a closeup view of the urn at the top of the Treasury. Special thanks to Peter Law for this great picture! Taken Fall 2002

Click the pictures on the left to view a larger image. Special thanks to Dr. George Kelsey for these great pictures!

For another great picture submited by Silvija Seres ( click here

The Mystery of the Treasury Monument
Speculations about the original use of the Treausry Monumnet
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The Treasury Plaza Project
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