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 PETRA: The Theater

 the theater
The next main monument as we pass along the road into the heart of the city of Petra is the theater up ahead on our left.
from inside a tomb across the street

Petra's theater is cut out of solid rock, and badly deteriorated. The front of the theater, including most of the stage was badly damaged by floods.

The photograph on the left was taken from inside a rock cave across the road from the theater.


While more impressive Roman theaters are located in Amman and Jerash, this theater is important when one considers the cultural importance it would have played in the Nabataean city.

Left: A reconstruction drawing of the theater.

 from the Urn Tomb
While some people have assumed that this was built by the Romans, the theater is actually Nabataean and was constructed long before the Romans entered Petra.


The caves along the back of the theater most likely come from older tombs that were removed in order to carve the theater seats.

Left: Picture taken from the mountain across from the theater.