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Holy City of Islam?
Al Sabara Route Past the Snake Monument
There are two ways to get to Al Sabara. The first, described below, is to start at Darshares Temple and hike along the bottom of Um al Biyara (as if you were going to Aron's Tomb) until you get to the snake monument. From there it is another hour hike to Wadi Al Sabara. At one time this route was sign posted. The second route starts on the Hotel Road above Wadi Mousa. Start south of the Grand View Hotel and head down the mountain and west towards the Sabara mountains. You pass down fields, a rough road and just before the flat-topped Tabqa mountains turn south down the gorge called Ras Sabara, along a clear track until the wadi widens. From there it is easier to hike into Petra than to climb back up the mountain.

 PETRA: The Snake Monument


Looking south from beside Habis Mountain. This is our starting place for the hike to Sabara.

Along the way we pass some very colorful rocks, as well as tombs and caves in the base of Um Al Biyara Mountain.


Eventually we reach the southern tombs, a magnificent set of caves and tombs cut into the white rocks across the end of the valley.

There is lots of places to explore here, including several djinn rocks, as seen in the distance.


Looking at the caves from above.

The amazing snake monument takes a bit of a scramble to see.

The snake monument from the south. (Center of the picture)
Inside of one of the cave houses. Yes, this cave actually has square rooms!

In the distance we can see the mosque on the top of Jebal Haroun
Some of the tombs along the bottom of Um al Biyara.