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The Sacred City from Glasshouse Media on Vimeo.
A Pictorial Visit to Yemen
copyright 2003
Sa'ada, A Walled City in the North

Left:  One of the most striking features about Sa'ada is the city wall. It surrounds the city, and is made of packed mud. (Not mud bricks). Today the modern city has started to spread around the outside of the wall. Someday, like Sana'a the old city will be completely surrounded by the new.

Below: Walking the city wall is always an enjoyable experience, and a great place to take pictures of the city.

Left: Scene through a hole in the wall. Above: A minaret constructed from mud bricks.

The "S" Gate is one of the most fascinating of the city gates. (Taken from a postcard made by the General Tourism Corporation, Y.A.R.)

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