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Nabataeans on Rhodes

Nelson Glueck mentions in his book Rivers in the Desert, page 197 that a Graeco-Nabataean inscription was discovered on the island of Rhodes. This book was printed in 1968.

During May 2003, Avi Shoket, Chairman of the Historical Routes Committee,
Israeli National Commission for UNESCO, emailed us the following information:

In an article titled "Epigraphie Nabateenne" by Maria Giulia Amadasi Guzzo (Book-"Les Routes du Proche- Orient"Edition-Desclee de Brouwer,Paris 2000) she mentions an inscription found in the Greek island of Milos and a second" perhaps in Delos"(close to Rhodes) which mentions the minister Syllaios of Obodas that stopped over in the sanctuaries on the islands of Cos ,Milos and Delos on his way to Rome. I can imagine that in these islands there were some Nabatean communities-a subject for study.The book mentioned above is a full report of an international seminar that took place in Paris in May 1999 on historical routes in the Middle East in which I had the privilege to participate. Your site is really praise worthy.


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