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Trees found in Nabataea

Dan Gibson Copyright April 2003

Nabataea is a very extraordinary place, with many special locations where unique wild plants abound. Some of these locations include:

  • Wadi Araba, a dry desert valley that dips below sea level
  • The Eastern Desert, a high stony plateau
  • The Hishma Desert, a low sandy desert filled with majestic rock mountains
  • The sandstone mountains of Petra
  • The deep gorges and canyons.
  • All of the plants presented on these web pages are presently found growing in Nabataea. Many of them have special medicinal qualities that are known to the local Bedouin Arabs.







    Deep in the valleys of the Hishma Desert, trees and shrubs eke out their subsistance, drawing moisture from short shring showers and run-off from the mountains.

     Broom Tree




    Date Palm

     Fig Tree


    Olive Tree

     Almond Blossoms





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