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The Tombs north of The Royal Tombs

The Tombs on this page are located along the side of Jebel el-Kubtha, and are found north of the Royal Tombs.


Below and Left: The Sextius Florenthinus Tomb, built for the Roman Governor of the Province of Arabia between 126 and 130 AD, with a Latin inscription carved on the lower architrave of the facade. This tomb is dedicated to him by his son. The arch on the top is topped by an eagle and is decorated with a gorgon's head surrounded by vines.

Above: Is this an unfinnished tomb, or just a fancy facade? Or is the door to the tomb still below ground level, waiting to be uncovered? Farther along the wadi you come to the entrance to the small siq. This is a facinating scramble to take, but should not be taken by the faint of heart, or during the rainy season.

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