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An Inventory of the Nabataean Texts on Paprus and Leather
As found in the Cave of Letters
John F. Healey
Compiled for the Nabataean Conference, October 2002

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 Siglum Material Type
Dates A.D.
(Chronology of Wenning 1993)
(DCL I = Lewis 1989, DCL II = Yadin et al. 2002)
 Yadin 1 papyrus Debenture 8 Elul 92/3 DCL II  
 Yadin 2  papyrus  Sale Contract  3 Kislev 97/8  DCL II  
 Yadin 3  papyrus  Sale Contract  2 Tebet 97/8  DCL II  
 Yadin 4  papyrus  Guarantor's agreement  ? 97/8  DCL II  
 Yadin 6  papyrus  Tenency agreement  119 AD  DCL II  
 Yadin 9  papyrus  Waiver?  122 AD  DCL II  
   papyrus  Unclassified fragments  Early 2nd Cent.?  DCL II pl. 56; Yardeni 2000a The fragments do not relate to Yadin 9 on the same plate
 Yadin 36 + Xhev/Se Nab.1  papyrus  Redemtion of writ of seizure  Between 59 and 65 AD  Yardeni 2001  XHev/Se Nab1 alone = Starly paurus (1954)
 Yadin 38  papyrus  Fragment with signature of witness  Unkown  Transliteration only DCL II, [5]  b]r tym'lhy sh[d
 Yadin 39  papyrus  Unclassified frament  Late 1st5 or 2nd cent.? Yardeni 2000a  
 XHev/Se Nab 2  papyrus  Sale Contract  Late 1st cent.?  Yardeni 2000a  
 XHev/Se Nab 3  papyrus  Contract  Unknown  Tov 1993: 40.659, 40.660  
 XHev/Se Nab 4  papyrus  Contract  Unknown  Tov 1993:40.663  
 XHev/Se Nab 5  papyrus  Contract  Unknown  Tov 1993: 40.646 40.647  
 XHev/Se Nab 6  papyrus  Unclassified fragment  Unknown  unpublished  
 P. Mur. 71  papyrus  Unclassified fragment  Late 1st or early 2nd cent.?  Benoit et al. 1961 (DJD XXVII)  Murrabba'aat
 Bodleian MS Heb. d. 89 (P) (e)  papyrus  Unclassified fragments  Late 2nd cent.?  Yardeni 200a  Oxyrhynchus
 Yadin 15  papyrus  Subscription on Greek legal text  11/12 Oct 125 AD  DCL I  
 Yadin 22  papyrus  Subscription on Greek legal text  11 Sept. 130 AD  DCL I  

Nabataean documents found in the Qumran Caves (Cave 4)

 Siglum Material Type
Dates A.D.
(Chronology of Wenning 1993)
 4Q343  leather  letter  1st cent.?  Cotton and Yardeni 1997 (DJD XXVII) Qumran Cave 4

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