The Indian Sub-continent was the natural meeting place for Arab, Indian and Chinese maritime merchants. The Malabar Coast on the west of India and the Chola Coast on the east witnessed a great increase of trade while the ancient maritime trade route flourished. Along these coasts, kingdoms developed and grew, fueled in part by the income earned from trade. Along with foreign trade, the Indian kingdoms also began participating in providing their own trade items, including glass, precious stones, beads, spices, lumbar and many other items. The links below will lead you to more pages of information about India, and its connection to this ancient trade route.
 The Kingdoms of South India  Arab Ports of Call in India
 Indian Pottery in Petra   Who were the Arab Sea Traders?
 Trade on the Bay of Bengal  Trade on the Arabian Sea
 The Ancient Maritime Sea Route
 Parallel Maritime Histories
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Who were the ancient Arab Sea Traders? Alexandria, the center of trade
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Nabataeans in Africa Myos Hormos Port on the Red Sea
Africa: Juani Island Leuce Come Port on the Red Sea
Africa: Mafia Island Trade on the Arabian Sea
Africa: The Coast of Tanzania Trade on the Red Sea
Nabataeans in India Nabataeans in the Arab Gulf
The Kingdoms of South India Indian Pottery Found in Petra
Arab Ports of Call in India Trade on the Bay of Bengal
Nabataeans and Sri Lanka Ancient Trade Items
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Stone Anchors from Arabia in Sri Lanka Malacca in Asia
Southern Arabia Dong Song Kingdom in Vietnam
Southern Arabia Countryside African Pottery found in Nabataea
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Southern Arabia: The Marib Dam Nabataeans on Rhodes
Southern Arabia Sa'ada (City in the North) The Ancient Maritime Sea Route
Southern ArabiaYemeni Lifestyle A Proposed New Trade Route Directly East fromPetra
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Nabataeans in China Trade on the China Sea
The Spice Route Time Chart (China, India, Arabia, Europe)  Nabataea found in Chinese Texts
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