Documentary Film based on Gibson's book: Qur'anic Geography


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 Gibson Bible Atlas

Copyright 1927, 2003

This Bible Atlas was first produced in 1927, as a guide to David J. Gibson's personal studies. The twelve beautiful maps in this atlas are all carefully hand drawn and carefully constructed. They were not intended for publication, but we used as reference material for David's research and writings. Scholars of early Bible history may find them useful. The originals are housed in the Nabataea Library of Archives. Sample map


General Map of Countries & Nations

 Wanderings in the Wilderness

Kingdoms of David & Solomon

 Mediterranean (Early movements)

Wanderings Map Two

  Kingdoms of Judah and Israel

Canaan (before Abraham)

Land Allotted to the 12 Tribes

Israel, Judah, Jerusalem 

 Canaan in Patriarchal Ages

 The World of the Assyrian Empire

  Israel under Roman Occupation

David J Gibson

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