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Documentary Film based on Gibson's book: Qur'anic Geography


The Sacred City from Glasshouse Media on Vimeo.
Arriving at Petra
The Walk Into Petra
The Siq
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Great Temple
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Temple of Dushares
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City of Board Games
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Sabara Suburb
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Al Beidha
Al Beidha Village
Kubtha High Place
Wadi Nmeir 
Small Delights
The Bedul
Petra Today 
Petra Park
Is Petra the
Holy City of Islam?
Click the thumbnail below to see more of the wall of facades.
This picture was taken by James Wong from Vancouver, Canada in February 2004
Click the thumbnail below to see more of the rock colors in Petra.
This picture was taken by James Wong from Vancouver, Canada in February 2004



 PETRA: The Street of Facades


street of tombs
After the viewing the Treasury, we come next to the Street of Facades, which is lined with tall, impressive tombs, with large facades or false faces on their fronts. This street eventually leads us down into the heart of the city proper.
robbed tomb  In order to investigate this tomb, high on the cliff side, archeologists used a famous mountain climber to climb up the mountain and leap down to the small ledge in front of the tomb. Unfortunately the tomb had been robbed long ago and he found only a new bones


damaged tomb




Some of the facades are badly damaged, and flood deposits have filled many of them with mud.

 wall of tombs Some of the canyon walls are lined with dozens of smaller tombs for the not-so-rich.


wind worn caves




Over the years the wind has done strange things to the tombs and caves along the roadway.


 more caves
The caves of Petra are a wonderful place to explore and enjoy the wonders of God's creations, along with the ingeniousness of man.


 Very narrow entrance
Across from the Street of Facades are tombs high on the mountain. You can scramble up the mountain at a place across from the stairs up to the High Place, or you can approach this area from the Urn Tomb. The strange door on the left leads to a rather large room.


 Very small doorway, half closed from the top
This door is below a huge, blank facade, with a very crip clean top. footer with menus