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 David J. Gibson

 NABATAEA HISTORY also owes it existence to David J. Gibson (1904 - 1966) who was the primary force behind's Library of Archives. David collected filing cabinets full of clippings and shelves full of archeological books and journals. While he considered himself an ordinary businessman, his knowledge of the Old Testament classed him among some of the greatest Old Testament scholars of his day. David studied Hebrew and Greek in his spare time, and concentrated most of his research on understanding Old Testament chronology and how it meshed with the chronologies of the surrounding nations. His knowledge of the geography of the Holy Land was astounding, considering the fact that from the age of 12 he was bound to a wheelchair, and never visited the Holy Land. hopes to digitize some of the important parts of David's research and writings, and post them here on this website. We currently have 65 books and articles written by David, and over 50 charts and maps in our archives. Some of his hand-drawn maps can be found in the Gibson Bible Atlas. We hope to publish David's work on Bible Chronolgy in the near future.

Online Materials by David J. Gibson

The Life and Times of David J. Gibson Pictures and information about David J. Gibson 1904 - 1964
The Founding of the Nations (Chart) The descendants of Noah, and how the first nations were formed
Gibson Bible Atlas Twelve beautiful handcrafted maps of the Holy Land
Whence came the Hyksos, Kings of Egypt?  A theory of the origin of the Hyksos people who ruled Egypt for a time.
Locating Eden  Using the post flood description in the Bible, the lost Garden of Eden is identified.
The Date of Christ's Birth  Is December 25th the actual date of Christ's birth?
Chronology of Solomon to Hezekiah  The Biblical account compared to those of the surrounding nations.
Chronology of Isaiah  The Biblical account compared to those of the surrounding nations.
Chronology of Jeremiah and the Lachish Letters  The Biblical account compared to those of the surrounding nations.
 Much more to come when we get time to scan and post.  
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