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Documentary Film based on Gibson's book: Qur'anic Geography


The Sacred City from Glasshouse Media on Vimeo.
Arriving at Petra
The Walk Into Petra
The Siq
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Colonnade Street
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Al Habis
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Al Beidha
Al Beidha Village
Kubtha High Place
Wadi Nmeir 
Small Delights
The Bedul
Petra Today 
Petra Park

 PETRA: The Colonnade Street

View from Habis
 The Colonnade Street runs through the center of Petra, with many unexcavated sites on either side.
 riding downthe street The Colonnade Street is in ruins, badly damaged by frequent flash floods in the last thousand years. Today dams protect the city of Petra from flooding, and it is possible to walk down the ancient flagstones once again.


Arch Reconstruction
 The Gate

Above: Arch Reconstruction

Left: Looking through the triumphal arch on the Colonnade Street towards the Palace Tomb on the far side of the valley.

riding camels Yes, there are also camels to ride in Petra. Camels rides usually travel between the Treasury and the restaurant in the center of the city.

A reconstruction of the Colonnade Street
 Left: A reconstruction of the Colonnade Street.


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