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Chinese Contact with the West
as mentioned in Chinese historical sources


 Date Written

 Referring to events
 Shih Chi, ch. 123  90 BC  100 BC
 Chien Hans Shu, ch. 96a  100 BC  100 BC
 Hou Han Shu, chs. 116,118  450 AD   97 AD
Wei Lueh in San Kuo Chih, ch. 30  Before 429 AD  220 - 264 AD
 Chin Shu, ch. 97  635 AD 265 - 419 AD
 Sung Shu, ch. 97  500 AD  420 - 478 AD
 Liang Shu, ch. 54  629 AD  502 - 556 AD
 Wei Shu, ch. 102 and Pei Shih, ch. 97  572 AD  386 - 556 AD
 Thang Shu, Chiu ch. 198  950 AD  618 - 906 AD
 Thang Shu, Hsin, ch 221, a,b  1061 AD  618 - 906 AD
 Nestorian Stone  781 AD  719 AD
 Sung Shih, ch. 490  1345 AD  960 - 1279 AD
 Chu Fan Chih 1225 AD  1225 AD
 Ming Shih, ch. 326 1739 AD 1368 - 1643 AD
Chart is adapted from material presented in Science and Civilisation in China, Joseph Needham, Vol. I, Cambridge University Press, 1954, Page 192-193
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