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Documentary Film based on Gibson's book: Qur'anic Geography


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Bozrah was the capital city of the Edomites, once they settled from their nomadic lifestyle. It is located in modern day Jordan along the King's Highway.

The photo below, taken from the west side looking eastward shows how the city was protected on all sides by a steep cliff. The flat topped area was where the ancient city stood. This area is connected to the hills behind by a narrow causway several houses wide. This location provided Bozrah with a natural fortress-like location and city walls were only minimally needed. The sides of the hills have trees on them, to give you an idea of the scale.

Bozrah, Edomite capital city

Nabataean merchants used the nearby hill known as 'Sela' for their central storage depot. Sela and Bozrah have both been mistakenly identified as 'Petra' in the last centurey by western writers who were unfamiliar with the area.

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