Documentary Film based on Gibson's book: Qur'anic Geography


The Sacred City from Glasshouse Media on Vimeo.

Stone Block God from Petra Left: Block god found in a temple at Petra. Notice how a face was added to the block god. Check out the images at the bottom of this page to compare them with other block gods. niche Left: A single block god in a niche, found in the siq of Petra. niche with block god Left: Another single Block God found in a niche a Petra.

 Two columns and a block god

Above: Block God representation near the Soldier's Tomb, Petra

Crescent with Block God  A block god with a crescent top, located in the small siq, near many other block gods.This crescent symbol predates Islam.
A triangular shaped form
Above: A triangular shaped block god. Was this Al Quam?


Many tombs and monuments in Petra are decorated with circles. Did the circles also represent a deity?

Tombs used blcok and circle shapes for decoration
3 niches
Above: Three block gods side by side in little Petra.
Above: A block god in a niche in Petra. Same right:
niche altar

Above and Right: Many niches were quite large, with facades and steps to them.


Above and right: Were the obelisks in Petra actually God Blocks? Did these shapes represent a deity?
Two Oblisks   Left: From a distance it is possible to see the obelisks and how they were cut from the mountain. Some have suggested that these were used to tell time, using their shadows. However as they are located close to the edge of a cliff, this is hard to understand.
 niche  niche with three block gods Left and right: God blocks from Meda'in Saleh. Notice the three gods together in the middle photo. Also notice the added decorations to the niche.  niche

 Right and left and below:

God Blocks from the small siq.

This cavern is filled with God Blocks. Some have one, some two and some three together.
 niches showing block gods
 niche with domed Godniche with 3 gods

 Left and right: These niches are different, in that they are not blocks. To date I have not heard what these might represent.


Below left: Do these three illustrate the three daughters of God? Al-'Uzza, (goddess of Power) Manawat (Wat) (goddess of fate) and Allat (Lat) (goddess of fertility)

niche altar

 Left: An Block God below the highplace, (near the Lion Monument) in Petra)


Right: Two block gods in the large siq to Petra.

nich with block gods

Compare the above block gods with those below
(found in other places)

As time progressed, faces were slowly added. Below on the stele on the left, two block gods are shown side by side. On the right it is possible to observe that eventually two circles or 'eyes' were added. These eventually gave way to a face. Below these, notice the two bock gods represented in a slight V shape. Again. below that, notice the block god with the features of a face being added. Bottom Right: The 'eye-idol' found in Petra.





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