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The Authors and Contributors

This page is hopelessly out of date. If you have sent in pictures and are not mentioned here, it is an oversight. Please contact us.

We would like to thank everyone that has contributed to this site.

While many people have provided us with pictures over the years, special thanks must go to the following individuals.

Byrne, Peter
Peter Byrbe lives on Mafia Island, off the coast of Tanzania. He is one of the original discoverers of the ancient Iron Age site that has been connected with trade on the Indian Ocean and Red Sea. Mr. Byrne has written a paper on the discoveries on Mafia Island for

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Crew, Bruce R.
Mr. Crew is the author of a number of articles concerning the Negev. His articles include: A Geo-Political History of the Negev ... Israelite through Nabatean Times, The Negev as Part of the Territories of Edom, and Did Edom's Original Territories Extend West of Wadi Arabah?

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Chami, Felix
Dr. Chami is a professor of archaeology at the University of Dar es Salaam. He has uncovered a site on Juani Island off the coast of East Africa, which he believes will substantially increase the evidence that East Africa was part of a wider Indian Ocean community. Previous to Dr. Chami's discoveries of this and other sites on the Tanzanian coast, most scholars had never considered East Africa as part of the ancient world. Recently Dr. Chami commented, "This is a marvel. I believe this was a major Iron Age site. I can assure you this will change the archaeology of East Africa."

 Dr. Felix Chami
Franchoise, Keith
Keith is a Community Health Worker living in the Middle East. He has kindly provided us with many excellent pictures of village and bedouin life.

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Frysinger, Galen R
Galen is an excellent photographer who has allowed us to use many of his pictures of Meda'in Saleh.

Gibson, Dan
For more than twenty years, Middle Eastern historian Dan Gibson has pursued the elusive and often mysterious ancient Nabataeans. His travels have included all of the countries of the Middle East, and many western libraries and museums. His passion for understanding the Nabataeans has taken him into the deserts of Arabia where he has examined many of the lesser known Nabataean sites, as well as having lived and moved for several years with nomadic Bedouin tribes.

Dan Gibson
Gibson, David
When he was 12 years old, David contacted polio while swimming in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of New Jersey. Once the family moved to the Canadian prairie farm, David did the bookkeeping for the farm, and spent the rest of his time pursuing his hobby: researching Middle Eastern archeology. Several years later David married a German girl, Hattie, and moved to the nearby town of Wainwright. Here David opened an accounting office and store. Since polio tied him to his wheel chair and desk, he spent considerable time pursuing Holy Land studies, and writing books and papers that were of interest to historians and Bible scholars. David's son Dan (above) began full time studies of Middle Eastern history in 1979 when he and his young bride moved to the Middle East to start Arabic studies.

David J. Gibson
Granot, Yigal

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Haberman, John and Kathy   
 Herrett, Peter

Hill, John
John Hill has recently completed the translation of this text, and has even made it available over the Internet, complete with his notes. We wish to thank John for the contribution he has made to ancient study, and to this part of Nabataea.Net.

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Hughes, Renee

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Johnson, Andrew
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Kelsey, George

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Klassen,  Herb

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Law, Peter

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Lebling,  Bob

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Muller, Roland

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Schaff, Mark
Mark and his family spent several years in the Middle East. Mark is an avid historian and has contributed many excellent photographs to the website. 
Mark Shaff
Turpin, Steve

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Ghiath Ramadan, photo-archivist of the Hejaz Railway. You can tell which photos are his, by the railway engine imprint in the corner.

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