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The port of Aila was located where the modern port city of Aqaba is today. Most of ancient Aila has been destroyed but a few ruins are now being uncovered.

There are two sets of ruins in Aqaba worth visiting. First, you can visit the ruins of the old Aqaba town beside the new Mövenpick Hotel on the beach. These ruins are well presented with signs and maps. Farther east, on the waterfront is the old fort and museum. There are other locations in Aqaba such as the ruins of a Roman villa. Almost all the other traces of early civilization in Aqaba have been wiped out. There has been some speculation that Alia might be the ancient Nabataean sea port of Leuce Come.

But Aqaba offers more than a few ruins. It is a modern city, a tourist center, and boasts great snorkeling (down the coast towards Saudi Arabia). The pictures below will give you some idea of what is available in Aqaba.


 Aqaba from the air

Aqaba in the forground, Alat (Israel) in the background.

 Aqaba beach

Aqaba beach Aqaba boasts many fine hotels and beaches, as well as great snorkeling.

Aqaba underwater

 Turkish fort in Aqaba from water

 Turkish fort in Aqaba

 Turkish fort in Aqaba

 Turkish fort in Aqaba

 Turkish Fort in Aqaba Gate

The old Turkish fort in Aqaba has been turned into a museum. It is located on the south east side of the city along the waterfront. Most of the other ruins in Aqaba are located on the north west side as well as near down town.


Below: Photos of the old city of Aqaba from the time of the Nabataeans and the Romans.


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