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 Arthur Henry Gibson

The Life and Times of A. H. Gibson

(1868 - 1960) owes it's origins to A. Henry Gibson, an English electrical engineer with an interest in Middle Eastern History. Henry was born in 1868 in the U.K. and graduated as one of the first qualified electrical electrical engineers in the U.K. One of his first jobs was wiring electric lights into Buckingham Castle. Soon after, Henry took his wife and boy and moved to South Africa, where he worked in the mining industry. After patenting several inventions, he moved to Philadelphia where he worked for a drilling company, inventing new drilling machines. He later moved to Alberta and went farming, in order to help his sons avoid going to war in Europe.

During all this time Henry maintained an interest in Middle Eastern History and also in various Bible topics. He used his money to purchase books and journals that became the beginning of the library.

His research materials passed on to his son, David J. Gibson.

Arthur and Emma

Arthur and Emma 30th Wedding
Arthur Henry Gibson was a man of vision and passion. As an electrical engineer, he wired the first lights into Buckingham Palace in England. Later he emigrated to South Africa where he patented several mining inventions including percussion drilling. Later, in Canada he built the Gibson Grader, for road construction and maintenance.
Above: Arthur and his wife Emma were married in 1897, and celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary in 1947.

(Daisy Emma: 1877-1964)

Wainwright Alberta Parade 

Arthur Gibson retired to Wainwright Alberta and spent his last years pursuing Middle Eastern and Ancient Bible knowledge with his son, David J. Gibson. Above: A parade in Wainwright Alberta. Picture developed in 1951.
 Wainwright Clock Tower in 1950's  Wainwright Clock Tower

Arthur and Emma later in life

One of the many patents held by Arthur Henry Gibson. Patent Heading

 British Patent for Percussion Drilling


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