Documentary Film based on Gibson's book: Qur'anic Geography


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Um al Jamal
A Nabataean/Byzantine city in the north of Jordan
Located near modern day Mafraq
The city of Um al Jemal covers several acres, and is filled with tumbled down buildings. All of the buildings are made from dark rock native to the location, so that from a distance Um al Jemal appears to be a dark mound. It is possible to wander throughout the city, and there are lots of paths, alleys, and even some two storied buildings. The stone door and the cisterns are of special interest, as well as the two Byzantine churches which stand side by side. There are also open spaces in the town, presumably where the camels of passing caravans were kept.


The Water Cisterns of Um Al Jamal





The city has a number of excelent stone doors that still work! Header